CMA publishes its 2013 Annual Report

July 15, 2014


In July 2014, the CMA issued its Annual Report for the Year 2013. In his opening remarks, Chairman of the CMA Mr. Riad T. Salameh highlighted the major activities that the Capital Markets Authority has undertaken in 2013, and those that it aims to achieve in the near future. The report aims to provide the reader with a global overview of the mandate of the CMA, its mission statement and vision for the medium and long term, while also updating CMA stakeholders on the various projects the Capital Markets Authority has started in 2013. Also, the report introduces readers to the organizational structure of the CMA and the activities of the CMA’s units and departments. These include; the General Secretariat as the Administrative body of the CMA with its three main departments: HR and Accounting, Communication and Research, and information technology; the Financial Control Unit, and the Legal Affairs Unit.

Moreover, the Annual Report contains a brief on the mandate provided to the CMA by Law 161/2011, emphasizing its core objectives which are promoting and developing the capital markets in Lebanon and protecting investors, while aiming to avoid systemic risk in capital markets. Furthermore, the report provides the reader with an overview of the decisions and regulations that the CMA issued through the year 2013, including the decisions transferred from the Central Bank of Lebanon to the newly established authority.

The Annual Report of 2013 can be found on the Capital Markets Authority website at: