The publishing of the first set of implementing regulations in the Official Gazette:

January 1, 1970


After the completion of the public consultation seminars on the first set of implementing regulations issued by the CMA in cooperation with World Bank experts in 2015, a specialized CMA working group has completed a rigorous translation process of the three implementing regulations into Arabic, thus allowing for the regulations to be published in the official gazette. The implementing regulations are already considered by CMA as set into force since the date of their publication.

A small brief on the published implementing regulations:

Licensing and Registration Regulation
In order to carry on a securities related business, an institution must be licensed by the CMA under Law 161/2011.  Similar to banking business, licensing is critical to protecting customers and ensuring the safety and soundness of institutions operating in the capital markets. Licensed institutions are hence subject to ongoing supervision by the CMA.

Therefore, and as a direct result of this regulation, Banks, financial institutions and financial intermediaries with capital markets business will be “approved institutions” and subject to CMA regulations.

Business Conduct Regulation
“Business conduct” refers to how an approved institution governs and manages its business, its business operations, its systems and controls and its dealings with clients.  Business conduct regulations are critical to investor protection, and to ensuring licensed institutions operate with integrity, sound management and effective controls.

Market Conduct Regulation

“Market conduct” refers to the standards of conduct applicable to trading by persons in securities markets.  This regulation is critical to market integrity and ensuring fair and efficient markets.  It applies to all persons involved in trading, except for item 4 below, which only applies to “Approved Institutions”.